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Do you love creating patchwork
but never have enough time to quilt?

Would you like to get those quilts finished...
...in your lifetime?

We provide professional longarm machine quilting services for quilters who love piecing quilt tops, but just don’t have the time for hand quilting.

We use a top-of-the-line, hand-guided APQS Millennium. It is stitch-regulated; all the stitching is precise and consistent. We specialize in custom freehand, free-motion quilting but also have many patterns (pantographs) available, should that be your preference.

Whether you prefer your top be custom quilted, quilted with an all-over pantograph pattern, or basted to quilt yourself, we can help you find the design that will best suit your creation and your personal tastes as well as your budget.

Quilting should enhance your quilt top, not overwhelm it. Many factors went into the planning and creation of your quilt top – likewise, there are many choices to be made in the planning and completion of the quilting process. Let us help you create the perfect finished quilt!